The Costume Reference Library

Hieronder vind je een lijst met detachments en de bijbehorende karakters. Bij de detachments staat een link naar hun forums met gedetailleerde buildthreads, referenties en andere benodigde informatie. Als je op de “Bekijk Kostuums” klikt, ga je naar de lijst met kostuums waarvoor ze verantwoordelijk zijn.

Armored Cavalry Detachment

De Armored Cavalry bedient alle Imperial Ground Assault Vehicle-operators / commandanten van de Star Wars-saga: Always Moving Forward!

Blizzard Force

Blizzard Force is home to the Snowtroopers, Snowtrooper Commanders, and other forces equipped with cold weather gear.

Bounty Hunters Guild

The Bounty Hunters Guild is responsible for the Hunters of Star Wars, including Boba Fett, Aurra Sing, and many others.

Clone Trooper Detachment

At 501st Clonetroopers you will find the Clones of Jango Fett, from the Movie Episodes II and III, Animated Clone Wars Series, and expanded universe. These include ARC Troopers, Clone Commanders, Republic Commandos, and other Clone Troopers in this detachment.

First Imperial Stormtrooper Detachment

The 1st Imperial Stormtrooper Detachment is dedicated to the armor and equipment of stormtroopers as seen in Star Wars. They strive for accuracy in costuming and to discuss everything stormtrooper related. Their mission is to serve the needs of both current and prospective members of the 501st Legion, in keeping with their unofficial motto: “troopers helping troopers.”

The Flagship Eclipse Detachment

The Flagship Eclipse Detachment specializes in canon and Legends costumes found within the comics, video games, animated series, and other official sources outside of the Star Wars films, with a focus on Darkside Adepts, Sith Lords, Imperial Force Users, and Denizen characters.

Imperial Gunnery Corps

The Imperial Gunnery Corps is here to provide resources on costuming, provide background and technical data, and to serve as a forum for the Gunners of the Imperial Navy.

Imperial Officer Corps

Here you will find the officers and crew of the Empire and First Order.

Jolly Roger Squadron

The mission of the Jolly Roger Squadron is to provide the latest comprehensive information available on the Imperial Pilot costume as seen in Star Wars Episodes IV, V, VI, as well as future costumes which may be derived from the new animated and live action series on TV.

Krayt Clan

Krayt Clan is a Detachment of the 501st Legion costuming group. This Detachment unites the activities of 501st costumers who own Tusken Raider, Jawa, and other desert dweller costumes. It is also intended to help those who are working on a costume by providing useful references, information, sources and contacts.

Mos Eisley Police Department

Dedicated to the armor and equipment used by the Sandtroopers shown in Star Wars: A New Hope, the Force Awakens and the Battlefront videogame. They strive for accuracy and perfection, and to discuss everything Sandtrooper related.


The Pathfinders are the light armor infantry of the 501st Legion. We go faster and cut deeper. Our ranks include Biker Scouts, Kashyyyk Clones, Shoretroopers and Patrol Troopers.

Sith Lord Detachment

The Sith Lord Detachment is the Official film canon costuming Detachment of the 501st Legion specifically for the costumes of Darth Vader, Darth Sidious (Emperor Palpatine), Darth Maul, and Darth Tyranus (Count Dooku).

Sovereign Protectors

The Sovereign protectors Detachment is the place to come to for all of Imperial Royal Guard / First Order Praetorian Guards costumes specializing in canon and Legends costumes found within the comics, video games, animated series, and other official sources outside of the Star Wars films.

Spec Ops Detachment

The Spec Ops detachment is home to many of the specialty troopers in the Legion: Shadow Scouts, Nova Troopers, etc…

Underworld Detachment

The Underworld detachment is home to the criminal element of the Star Wars Universe. Here you will find pirates, gangsters, henchmen, thieves, smugglers, thugs, and… of course… scum and villainy.

No Detachment Affiliation

Some costumes are not affiliated with any detachment. If all else fails, look here.